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Our Story


This community of seekers and faithful is connected to a larger community of Wild Church sprouts that are emerging everywhere that the Spirit is calling us forth.  We are a growing web of connecting communities emerging in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and we join together currently on the Oregon Coast in Tillamook County.

and Faith-filled

We welcome folx from many different traditions to join together to discover more about the Way of the Christ through experiences and connections with the Divine Natural World.  We honor the validity and dignity of many faith traditions as we seek to deepen our walk with Jesus. Whether you are new to the Jesus Way or intrigued by the connections of Christ and the Natural World, this is a safe and healthy place to explore.


We are looking for something precious, and you are a part of that belovedness that was inspired and God-breathed in the time before time.  You are sacred.  You are beautiful.  And you are a part of nature, which is also beautiful and good.  This is the basis of everything that we do, and why we gather together.  Come, let us bless one another!  Come, let us bless the earth.  Come, let us bless the skies.  Come, let us bless the Christ and dance in Sophia's Spirit.  All are welcome here!

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