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Compassionate Connections

Forest Trees

Delight in Nature

We gaze upon the canopy of those who have been dwelling here for generations upon generations.  We trust the wisdom that Creatore imbued into the Natural World as we join together seeking wisdom.

Reflection Time

We spend time listening to one another and to the voices that are still speaking in the natural world so that our hearts are ready to receive the gifts of Divine Love through our time together.  We intentionally listen to a variety of voices and share from the heart with pauses in between each person's sharing.

All Ages and Stages

From the youngest to the eldest, all persons are welcome at WildChurch PNW!  All ages, genders, abilities, sexualities and spiritual traditions are welcome to join us.  We focus our main readings on the walk of Christ.  And we trust that the Holy Spirit has been guiding every living tradition from the formation of creation.  We trust that Divine Love and Wisdom flows in many forms through many cultures and in many languages.

Girl playing guitar outside

Making Music Together

Whether you sing, dance, drum, play the tamborine, ukulele or finger piano, you are welcome to bring your gifts to share with the community of grace here at WildChurch PNW.  Reach out through the contact page, or email us to get involved!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Celebrating Life Together

All in all, we want to enrich one another's lives, reconnect to the earth from which we came, and share in the Original Blessing as we recover from the theology of Original Sin and Curse.  Join a joyous community and share in gifts of grace and New Life, connected in the Spirit of Love through Christ Jesus!

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