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Worship in the Wild


Come to focus your heart and spirit in a space of beauty and divine in the natural world which has supported our ancestors, nourished our bodies and rejuvenated our spirits from the time before time.


Join together in community with people from many different backgrounds, seeking wisdom and healing together in the love of Christ.


Bathe your senses in a wild place that is connected to water, earth, plants, animals, and a community of blessing.  Watch what happens within your heart, mind, body and spirit as we join together in a supportive environment, connect with nature and share in the elemental expressions of Divine Love.


Our time together is gifting us with a sacred harmony.  We are being tuned to the frequencies of the natural world, to the earth from which we were formed, and we honor the sacredness of every path as we join together seeking to walk the Way of the Christ.


As we read from the Scriptures and incorporate sacred words, share in holy communion and bless one another in love, we share gifts from the Creative Dreamer and trust the guidance of the Spirit of Wisdom and Grace to guide our conversations and reflections.


The society in which we live has been moving at a pace that is unsustainable.  We come together to prepare for a healthy future.  We nourish one another in holy love and invite one another to go forth and bless the world with justice, with mercy and with steadfast love and faithfulness to the Divine Way.

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